Liza Restaurant Beirut , Decorative Panels Custom Made

RESTAURANT LIZA in Beirut in an ancient lovely palace is going to be Beirut’s best place where to eat and sit !

interior Decorator Maria Ousseimi conceived an incredible mix related to tradition , modernism , exotism with a touch of sense of humour .

All the walls are covered by Arjumand wallpapers that where designed especially after Maria’s ideas , such as ’tiles’ in black and white and dark red and grey  inspired by the floors of the ancient palace , ‘huge banana leaves’ to give the restaurant an exotic space , ‘papier panoramiques’ inspired by old money from Lebanon , Beirut skyline inspired by this lovely eccentric town .

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Images from the past ,

during works …….

The Small Arjumand Team

Banana Room , a detail



amazing height of the ceilings ….

IMG_1635IMG_1648The main room IMG_1675

Smoking Room overlooking Money Room


and overlooking Building Room


Beirut Room

idaricaIMG_1669IMG_1650liza-moneyroom money3