[nggallery id=130] ARJUMAND
[nggallery id=131] CALEDOSCOPIO
[nggallery id=132] CIRCLES
[nggallery id=133] DAMASK RED
[nggallery id=134] DANCING FLOWER
[nggallery id=135] DAY SCREEN
[nggallery id=136] EMBROIDERY
[nggallery id=137] GAUHARA BEGUM
[nggallery id=138] HERRINGBONE
[nggallery id=139] HEXAGONE
[nggallery id=140] ITALY XVII PALE BLUE
[nggallery id=141] MAZE RED
[nggallery id=142] MIAO FLOWER
[nggallery id=143] MUMTAZ BLOOM
[nggallery id=144] POLYGONIUM
[nggallery id=145] POMEGRANATE
[nggallery id=146] POPPY DANCE
[nggallery id=147] SNOW LINES
[nggallery id=148] SUN BLUE
[nggallery id=149] SUZANI
[nggallery id=150] TAKE FLIGHT
[nggallery id=151] THE WAVE
[nggallery id=152] TIGER RUN
[nggallery id=153] TRINITY ACTION
[nggallery id=154] TRIS BLOOM
[nggallery id=155] TULIP SWAY
[nggallery id=156] TURKISH MOON
[nggallery id=157] ZIG ZAG

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